In Memory of Brandon Beaver Decal

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Brandon was one of my first customers. We both owned silver SRT-4s and he orders a few decals from me within my first year of business. When I got my SRT-4, we talked a lot about customization— we both liked purple on our cars. He loved the wheel set up I had and always answered questions for me about suspension and wheel/tire sizing. He was a great help to me. Brandon was a great friend, a funny snapchatter and his presence in the world, the local car scene and the SRT-4 community will be missed. 100% of profits on these decals will be donated to the Beaver family to be used towards the burden of fees to put Brandon to rest peacefully. Thank you for your purchase of this decal, his family, friends and I appreciate it!

These 5x5” decals will have a turn around time of 3-7 days, up to 10 days depending on how many orders come in. I will do my best to have every decal ready and in yours (or Jessica Sherbno’s hands by the memorial event.) 

Every order will charge for shipping unless you click local pickup. If you choose local pickup, I will give the decal to Jessica so she can give them to you. If you pay shipping, I will ship it. Due to website policies, I will not be able to refund for shipping if you would rather pick up so be cautious when checking out! I can not guarantee that USPS will do their job correctly in getting these to you by the memorial event, but tracking will be provided.

Each decal will be made with  professional grade permanent outdoor vinyl. Do not apply these decals on a wet window or if it is less than 40*F outside. Please contact me if you have any questions before applying so I can help you! Do not soak, wipe down only when cleaning. Once decal is applied, it is not removable as a whole piece.